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A New Bible School Opens – July 2021

A note to all the friends and supporters of Covenant Messenger Ministries:   Most of you know that in the past this ministry has concentrated on evangelism and the establishment of Bible schools throughout Ghana.   Then along came the pandemic.  The pandemic did not stop the CMM team from evangelizing, but they wore masks and followed the protocols as outlined by the Government of Ghana.   God’s Hand of protection prevented any from getting sick.   To our regret, the pandemic made it necessary to end the Bible schools.  In addition, the curriculum we were using for the school comes from a ministry in California called the International School of Ministries and through some misunderstandings on our part, we didn’t have permission to extend the schools from more than one.   However, that has all been worked out and now we are glad to say a new Bible school has opened with 8 students registered.   Just as Covenant Messenger Ministries began under a tree in Accra, the new Bible school is also operating under another tree in another location, to Kpasa in the Oti Region of the Northern part of Ghana.  Brother Elijah, a graduate of the CMM Bible schools, has agreed to oversee and lead the new school. Photos below:

This is Bro. Elijah, the leader of the school
Praying for success
Studying in the shade of a tree
A group photo