2016 – June – Outreach To Amasaman

    Glory be to the most high God who has been faithful to us.

    On the first day the team went from house to house, stores, local restaurants etc., to share tracts and preach the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ.

    After the last evangelism report from Amasaman, the people were happy to receive the good news so the team went again and this time a notable miracle took place.

    One lady was pregnant (she is the one in the yellow dress in the photo below) and after many scans the doctors could not find the baby in her womb.  The team shared the gospel of Jesus Christ and she gladly received Jesus as Lord.  After praying for her, she began to feel the unborn baby moving in her stomach.  The next day the people in her house confessed she gave birth to a baby girl early in the morning.  The team will visit her again to update you.  

    Praise be unto our God!

     Below are photos: