2016 – June 20 – 23 – Outreach To Asesewa (Eastern Ghana)

On Monday 20th June 2016 a team of four including C.M.M. administrator Rev. Steve Nartey, Matthew Kernu, head of evangelism, and two members of Evangelism team embarked on a three day missionary assignment to Asesewa in the Eastern part of Ghana.  It is a journey of about four hours drive from the Capital of Accra.  Asesewa is predominantly a farming community, being surrounded by villages. 

    The team arrived in Asesewa at 2:00 p.m. and immediately proceeded to Asesewa Senior High School to witness to the students, our main focus for the day.  Fortunately for the team, the following Tuesday happened to be a special Durbar (an English word that comes from an Indo-Persian term for “ruler’s court”) for the students and therefore continued with the Evangelism with them.  

A total of 25 students gave their lives to Jesus Christ. 

On Tuesday afternoon the team moved to the Asesewa General Hospital to continue with evangelism and hospital visitation. 

At the female ward the team encountered an emergency case which had been brought in.  The siblings were weeping uncontrollably but the team gave them hope, assuring them that if only they will trust Jesus, the hopeless situation could be averted.  The team prayed for the woman’s health to be restored.  The team did a follow up on her later and to their amazement, they were told she had been healed and could eat the very night after the prayers.   Glory be to God!

A Muslim woman was prayed for after accepting Jesus Christ as her Savior.  In addition, there was an instant miracle after praying with her.

On the third day, the team focused on the self employed, artisans, apprentices and shop keepers.

The number of souls that were saved was 67.  They were entrusted to the Asesewa Assemblies of God church, who hosted the activities. 

Recorded by:  Mathew Kernu  (Head of Evangelism)

Photos below :