2014 – April 29 – Sharing Tracts In Alajo, Caprice, Kotobabi And Avenor

Sharing Tracts In Alajo, Caprice, Kotobabi and Avenor – April 29, 2014

In April, 2014, two students of C.M.M. Bible School, Matthew Kenu and Sister Patience Yeboah, conducted an evangelism outreach on the streets. Below is the report.

Since two weeks ago the outreach team have been evangelizing our area through the sharing of tracts and preaching the gospel by the road side, on the streets, at shops etc. On the whole about 19 people were saved while people received healing. The areas visited were Alajo, Caprice, Kotobabi and Avenor.

Reporter: Matthew Kenu – Co-worker: Sister Patience Yeboah

(Photos are missing)