2013 – April 15 – Akatsi Outreach

Akatsi Mission – April 15, 2013

The Outreach team led by Rev. John Harrison went to Akatsi, South Volta Region on 15th April, 2013. The purpose for the mission was in two folds: to evangelize and help Pastor Dotse’s Church with revival programs.  The visit should have taken place in the first quarter but due to unforeseen delay from Pastor Dotse.

This part of the Volta Region is predominantly farming communities where idol worship is deeply rooted in the majority of the indigenes. Though Christianity was introduced for many years, yet the belief of the majority of idol worship is paramount.  Roman Catholic, Evangelical Presbyterian Church and AME Zion Church have been the main denominational churches one can find across the region. Quite recently, the Pentecostal and Charismatic churches started making an impact in the lives of these settlers. One amazing phenomenon of worship is that,
though they go to church all right, yet their belief in the idol practice is also quite open.

The village the team went to is Monome where Ps. Dotse has one of the branches. As their custom demands, they were introduced to the chief, Togbi Chargli, and his kin’s men in the area and their missions were spelt out to them. The help of an interpreter did this. He gladly received the word of God and urged the team to be regular with their missionary duties.
One area visited was a fetish home. To their surprise, some herbs with a live chicken were being boiled. An advantage was taken and the gospel preached to them. Out of 7 people, 3 gave their lives to Christ. One on one evangelism was conducted as well.

There is one woman whose husband was a fetish priest. The gospel was brought to their home and gladly received Jesus as Lord and saviour with the daughter. She told team her husband was allegedly claimed to be very powerful in idol practice. The people used to fear him for that but one night he died in bed. Hearing the gospel and some miracles that took place in the name of Jesus Christ, confessed: “only the power of Jesus Christ could save her and the family”.

The team held revival programs at Living Word Household Ministry. The two nights brought revival to the church and people also urging them to be frequent with their visits. Rev. Dotse encouraged them to come back because they do not normally attend church activities on market days yet the attendance for the two days was very impressive.

We preached to other people at the evening program services held at rev. Dotse’s church. The hand of God moved powerfully during these services.

In Christ,
Rev. John Harrison