2012 – March – The New School Opening At Akeve-Fiato

The New School Opening at Akeve-Fiato – March – 2012

In March of 2012, the C.M.M. Bible School in Akeve-Fiato near Akatsi was officially opened under the supervision of Pastor Dotse and his wife, Dina. This is Bible School No. 13. Boachie’s report came to us in an email below:

This is to let you know that C.M.M. Bible School in Akeve-Fiato near Akatsi is now officially opened under the supervision of Pastor Dotse and wife. Dora and I set off from Accra around 7.00am while Pastor Dotse and wife were waiting for us in Akatsi. At kilometre 129 from Accra, thus 20 kilometres to Akatsi the back axle of our van locked up the two tires at the back in the middle of the road. You can see it and the mark of the tires in the photos. When he came he tried all he could but could unlock the axle so he had to go back to Akatsi for a tolling

When they returned with a tolling car we left the work to them and left for Akeve-Fiato by Pastor Dotse’s car with his wife for the program. When we got there the students were still waiting for us in classes. There are 13 students but 8 were present at the time. I encouraged them by the word of God that they are precious in the sight of God for amongst other things two important reasons; the price he paid to bring them back to himself at the cross and the work he has in mind to do through them. I drew their attention to the fact that we (including
all believers) are citizens of the Kingdom of God, members of his family as well as parts of the body of Christ.

Upon knowing that they have victory over the enemy by the finished work of Jesus on the cross they became very excited for they are in an idol worship area full of idols. I promised to be visiting them, regularly.

When we returned to Akatsi the fitters had brought the van and were working on it. You can see all the photos. They finally finished working on it temporarily to enable me to drive it to Accra around 5.00pm. Pastor Dotse took us to a hotel to have the night.

On the following morning we went to a welding shop to do one or two things and from there visited the church in Monome where Pastor Dotse’s wife was ministering while Pastor Dotse himself was ministering in Akeve-Fiato. After church, we set off back to Accra. The fitter (welder) will finally come and work on other things on Friday.

This thing would have been different had it not been the grace of God! God is good!  All the time . . . and all the time: God is good!