2010 – July 12 – 16 – Avenor-Kasoa Outreach

OUTREACH REPORT – 2010 – July 12 – 16 – Avenor-Kasoa

The outreach team from the 12th to the 16th of July 2010 went out for their usual follow-up and soul winning to Avenor and Kasoa all in the Greater Accra region.

On the first day, the team went to follow up the people who were saved during their past visits to find out how they were doing. Seven people were met and thank God they are all doing well in the Lord, attending almost every church service and living as disciples of Jesus Christ. We encouraged them to now find places to serve in the body of Christ as led by the Holy Spirit.

On the second day, they continued with the follow-up/soul winning. This time twelve people were reached out to and one of them was a Moslem who eventually gave her life to Christ.

On the third day, the team was invited to Kasoa to lead the Methodist church there in a prayer
meeting/session. We led them to pray for the nation, the church and some members of the church.

On the fourth day, it rained heavily but managed to reach out to two ladies (Mariama and Peace) in a certain house. One of them, Peace, gave her life to Christ but the other did not.

The team is going out again next week.

William Odame