2010 – August 4-6 – Revisit To Avenor-Kasoa

OUTREACH REPORT – August 4-6, 2010

The outreach team of CMM held three days outreach activities from the 4th to the 6th of August 2010. It was a soul-winning and follow-up activities in Avenor and a prayer/ anointing service at the Methodist church in Kasoa.

On the first day, they reached out to eight people. One of them was a young Muslim woman who was sick of malaria. After receiving Christ she was prayed for and instantly received her healing.

The team conducted a prayer/anointing service as mentioned above on the second day and to the glory of God one middle age woman received her deliverance from the powers of darkness.
On the third day, the team spoke to four people out of whom one gave his life to Christ.

One lady too who was saved some couple of weeks ago also testifies of the joy she now has in

William Odame (Reporter)

(Photos are missing)