2010 – August 18-20 – Avenor Outreach

OUTREACH REPORT – Avenor Aug. 18-20, 2010

The outreach team had their usual soul-winning and follow-up program at Avenor and Kasoa from the 18th to the 20th of August 2010.

On the first day, they reached out to about ten people, encouraged and prayed for them. One
backslider rededicated her life to Christ and two others were healed instantly from waist pain and malaria.

On the second day, the team went to their usual prayer meeting at Kasoa with the branch of the Methodist church there. Some members of the church came out with some testimonies which came about as a result of the anointing service which was held two weeks ago. The woman who was delivered from spiritual torment testified that she has since been free.

Another woman also testified that she was healed from her two years a pain in her feet during the anointing service.  She further said that she felt something like electricity flowing from her head through her legs and from that time did not experience the pains again.

The team went round some of their converts to encourage as well as answer some questions
bothering them on the third day.

The team is travelling to some villages around Ejisu on invitation by a church, Global Gospel
Centre, on Wednesday 25/08/10 and need your usual prayer support.

Willie (reporter)