2008 – June 26-29 – Alubo Outreach

Return Visit to Alubo
DATE: 26TH – 29TH JUNE 2008
TEAM: Brothers Willie, Asare, Ben and Samuel.

For the second time, the CMM outreach team visited the residence of Alubo, a village about twenty kilometers from Accra to preach Christ. This time it was a four days video program and house to house ministration. By the grace of God a sister in Christ, Sister Emma, accommodated us in her house as the program was not in collaboration with any church.

The team arrived at Alubo at 3:05, rested for some time before moving to the crusade grounds. The bad weather could not stop us from holding the program which started from 7:00 p.m. and ended at 10:00 p.m. The title of the film we showed was “Final Account”.  It attracted about 110 audiences.

Brother Willie ministered after the film show. Even though no one came forward to publicly accept Christ, we know that the seed of the word of God was sown in the hearts of some people while others received the watering of it.

On the following day, the team went from house to house to preach Christ to the people. Eight out of the twenty-three people we ministered to accepted Christ.  One of the converts by the name of Abass was a Moslem.  This man told us that he had seen Christ twice in a vision prompting him to repent and surrender his life to him.  He had the second one only a day before we got there.  We encouraged him to come to the office for further training and encouragement.

On the second day, we showed the film entitled, “Chains”.  After the show, Brother Asare had an altar call and six people gave their lives to Christ.

On Friday, the team continued with the house to house evangelism. After ministering to four women in a certain house they were moved to the extent that they gave us an offering of $1.00 to support the work we were doing. The team met a woman who was prone to a chronic ulcer, declared incurable according to all indications on the part of experts. She told us of how she had been moving from herbalist to herbalist, pastor to pastor and clinic to clinic but all in vain. All the severe pains disappeared after praying with the team. Thus, she was instantly healed.

During the film-show in the evening, we had a greater number of people attending. The film we showed was “The Anti-Christ”. Brother Willie ministered after the film show.  Even though there was no new convert there were a lot of testimonies about healings amongst the people.
We also came across an elder of a church there who offered us his microphones and other
equipment when ours gave us problems. He again assured us that he is ever ready to release
whatever he has to help in our subsequent visits to the area.

We got back to Accra at about 3:00 pm on Saturday.