2008 – July 23 – Oduman Outreach

DATE: 23RD JULY 2008
TEAM: Brothers Willie, Bro. Asare and Samuel.

On Wednesday, 23rd July 2008, the outreach team of CMM reached out to a village called
Oduman and her inhabitants. We arrived at the location at 6.00pm. We took some time to relax in keeping with the nightʼs crusade programme at heart.

At 7.oopm we started with the video crusade. The team showed the ʽPassion of Christʼ. This
attracted about 100 individuals to the scene. Bro. Willie ministered. After the ministration, so many people were healed of various diseases which included chronic headaches, stomachache, waist and back pains and the like.

The programme ended at 11 p.m. due to some technical problems, especially with our projector.

Also the team prepared to move from house to house to evangelise to the lost and encourage
believers as well. We left our residence at 10.00am. The team interacted and encouraged eight
believers especially, a lady who had halfway indulged herself in idolatry which the gods have
inflicted serious headache on her but after taking her through some lessons, the Lord delivered
her. We encouraged her to be serious with her faith in the Lord to prevent the evil one from
getting foothold in her life again. Through this encounter with her, she helped us in keeping our machines in her house throughout the programme. The team closed at 1pm.
In the evening at 7.00pm, we started our video crusade and showed a film entitled ʽFinal Accountʼ.

In all about 90 people attended and 10 people received Christ as their Lord and Saviour. The
programme ended at 9.36pm.

Early the next morning, the team decided to continue with our house to house visitation. In all, we were able to reach out to 13 people and four of them received Christ as their Lord. The tea also prayed for a believer(lady) who has been inflicted with severe rashes and blisters. We
encouraged her to hold on to her faith and the Lord will heal her.

In the evening at 7 p.m., we started our video crusade and showed a film, entitled, “The Anti-Christ”.  The people came in their numbers as usual and after the programme, for the night we had three new converts. The programme ended at 9.36pm.

On Saturday, which was said to be the last day, early in the morning, the team took the time to pray with our host, thus a young couple believers who dearly accepted us and permitted our stay in their residence for the entire three days we spent there. We finally thanked the Lord for his compassion for us in terms of all activities which took place during this programme for a successful end. We left the place at about 9.30am.

God bless