2007 – February 22-25 – Outreach To Senya Beraku, Ghana

  • Venue:        Senya Beraku
  • Date:           February 22 – 25, 2007
  • Activities:   House to house evangelism, video show crusade and Sunday Service
  • The team:   Ps. Asare Samuel, Ps. Odame William and Ps. Kuranchie Isaac

The three members of the outreach team paid four days evangelistic visit to Senya Beraku in the central region, from 22 to 25 February 2007.

On Thursday evening, the video crusade began at 7:30 pm and closed at 10 pm. The title of the film was ‘The Final Account’ the attendance was about 200 people, and about forty souls both children and adult came forward and gave their lives to Jesus Christ. After the film show, the sick were prayed for and a lot of healings took place including stomach and chest pains.

Again a young woman came and confessed to us that her goats were stolen for three times and just recently her husband’s two goats were also stolen, so they decided that they will go to a juju place called me-ti-wo-te, so that whosoever stole the goats would be mad, she added that ‘we would not kill but destroy their lives’. But glory-be-to-God! The young woman added, ‘I am now a changed person, I am very much touched by the film and the commentary alongside with it. I am going to tell my husband that he should also change his mind. Surprisingly this young woman was invited to the crusade by her nine-year-old daughter.

On Friday morning the team reached out to ten people but they told us that they go to church and so we encouraged them about the work of the Kingdom. We found out that most of the Christians there need much teaching that would enable them to do the will of God. Apart from that, we spoke to a girl called Dina who told us that she hasn’t been to church before. She accepted Christ and promised that she will come to church on Sunday. In the evening the video program took place at 7 pm and closed at 10:30 pm. The title of the film was ‘The Jesus Christ of Nazareth’. The crowd was about 250 people several people accepted Jesus and the sick were prayed for. The young woman whose goats were stolen brought her husband to the video crusade according to what she told him. He was counselled by Pastor Asare. The man is a Catholic. He said he will allow the woman to come to church.

When we followed her up the next day, she told us more of her problems. She said when she was in her mother’s womb her father went to a shrine for a protection for the pregnancy and the family but he did not pay for his vow, and because of that the spirit of the shrine has married her without her notice (spiritually). The young woman said she was told by a spiritualist, and she said ‘I have three children with different men. I have problems with my marriage. ‘My first husband died, the second one was threatened by my mother and he left me. My mother borrowed a huge amount of money and did not pay so the man drove me out of his house.  Am now with the fourth man who has performed the customary right of the marriage.  When I was with my second husband I took a seed but developed air-topic and I was operated. The doctor told me I wouldn’t take seed anymore, the womb is spoiled. Since then anytime I take a seed, I bleed till it passes away. The team encouraged her and prayed for her. The bleeding ceased before our departure to Accra. We give glory to God.

Saturday morning we continued the work and during our rounds, many people gave their lives to Christ. We continued with the evening show and many of the people gave their lives to Jesus Christ at the close of the programme. The title of the film was ‘Raised from the Dead’.

Sunday morning most of the souls won at the crusade and house to house witnessing came to church. And those who were not able to give their life to Christ due to shyness came to the church and gave their lives to Jesus. Among them was a 75-year-old man, surprisingly, this old man was the fetish priest at the shrine mention earlier in this report. He testified that ‘I was looking for a church to go and I will worship in this church. After his testimony, the young woman also stood up and started giving glory to God about what he has done.

53 souls were won for Jesus Christ. We give praise to God for a smooth and safety journey back home.

A woman and her husband and their fetish priest all saved at a goal. What a miracle. Thus, only God can do that.