2006 – May 18-22 – Outreach To Paanor – Greater Accra Region

  • DATE:                      18 – 22, MAY, 2006
  • ACTIVITIES:            Follow-up
  • TEAM:                      Bro. William Odame, Isaac and Asare
  • NO. OF SOULS:        Twenty-Seven

The three members of CMM outreach team paid five days Evangelism visit to Paanor from May 18 to 22, 2006

The team had a prayer time on Thursday evening with some few church members. Among them were five young men with their father. We were told that they are family members of the chief fetish priest (witch doctor) whom the team witnessed in the village called Amuzu. In our last visit to Paanor we stated in our report that none of them received Christ. Glory be to God that today four of them with their children gave their lives to Christ.

On Friday morning, Bro. Asare conducted the morning devotion, the attendance was fifteen members. The team continued and preached to a primary school at the village. We encouraged those who don’t go to church. In the afternoon we launched out to a village called Alafia. Alafia was named after the shrine in the village. We witnessed to eleven people at first and at the end, they became thirteen people and gave their lives to Christ. We were excited that idol worshippers received Christ. The team then prayed for the wife of the chief fetish priest who was suffering from several heart pains and pains over all her body, this woman was healed after praying for her. We were told that the people in Alafia do not drink minerals on Mondays and Fridays simply because curse will come upon them and that is the law of their gods. From Alafia we went to Amuzu and twelve people from the fetish house who have denounced the gods gathered with gladness and listened to the word of God. They are now aggressive to worship God. The wife of another chief fetish priest told us to pray more effectively so that the forces of the gods would be bound because they are tired.

In the evening we organised a video show about “Moses”. The crowd was about 200 people. On Saturday morning, Bro. Willie conducted t morning devotion and they were twenty-two people.  In the evening, the team showed another film which as entitled “WHEN GOD SAYS YES”. We started the film show at 7:51 p.m. and the nearby villages came with their children on time.  As soon as we began it started raining till we closed.  Though it was raining, yet about 100 people showed up.

On Sunday morning, the team with the host church elder, Jacob paid a visit to Alafia and Amuzu to remind them to come to church. Thank God as they promised they came with some of their children. As we were told the wife of the chief fetish wanted to come to church but she was prevented by her husband, the team will keep her in prayers. At the church service after the sermon, alter call was made and three adults with their children stood up and we prayed for them. The team presented some used clothes to the church. On Monday some new converts from Amuzu gave testimony of what the Lord Jesus had been doing in their lives. We encouraged them and prayed for them. We thanked God for being with us.


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