2006 – March 9-12, Outreach To Fankyenekor-Greater Accra Region

  • Venue:   Fankyenekor – Greater Accra Region
  • Date: 9 – 12 March 2006
  • Activities: Morning devotion, Evangelism, Video show, All night and Sunday Service.
  • Host Pastor: Pastor Enoch Kwansa

CMM outreach team paid four days working visit to Fankyenekor in the greater Accra region, from the 9th to 12th March 2006. It is about twenty kilometres from Accra.

The team arrived on Thursday morning at 5:30 am. We started the house to house witnessing from the chief of the village, at 9 pm. During the witnessing a backslid woman whom we encouraged made a statement that “you people are drawing my mind back to the word of God” This woman rededicated her life to Christ. Her second problem was she fell down some years back and she had dislocation at the between her arm and shoulder. Since that time no proper medical had been taken and she was in pain but during the prayer of faith we heard a sound in the bone, and the woman testified “I am healed” and now she could raise her hand up. She’s now back to the church. Another woman said she backslide because no one visits her when she is sick we encourage her and she is also back to the church. As many that we were able to reach are almost backsliders. In the evening video-show was organise, the crowd was about 300 both adult and children. The show was entitled “Jesus Christ of Nazareth”. The chief of the village was also there. 10 people that night came forward boldly and gave their lives to Jesus Christ. The sick were prayed for.

On Friday morning the team started morning devotion with the church. Surprisingly, some of the backslid folks came to worship with us, and the number was encouraging. The team then continued the house to house witnessing at the other side of the village it was interesting, two women who were in the same house backslid.  One of them has got high-blood pressure and the other one had developed slow-stroke and were all suffering. We encouraged them and were rededicated to Jesus Christ and at one single prayer, they testified they are healed. We talked to both non-Christians and backsliders. Two people accepted Christ few others rededicated their lives to Christ and a woman refuse to accept Christ.

In the evening video show and all night were organised from 8.30 pm to 4 am. The crowd was up to 350 souls. The chief of the village spent the night with us, we prayed and interceded for the village. Number one problem is lack of development, secondly men and woman give birth without proper marriages because of that there are many women and children who don’t bear the name of their family head. (the man of the house). The church was also prayed for. That night two women testified that they were among the twenty sick people who were prayed for on Thursday night. They said, “We are better now.” One was healed of epilepsy and the other was healed of waist and leg pains.

The team launch out again on Saturday morning from house to house. Two souls gave their lives to Jesus Christ and we continued to encourage the backsliders. As a matter of fact, it is like 95 percent of the souls in the village joined the church and due to one or two problems they left. We found out the church doesn’t have a visitation team, so when a member has a problem, the leaders don’t care much and so the members leave the church and join other clubs outside. Somewhere, we invited all the backsliders and most of them responded and came to the video show in the evening and we spoke to them, and they have been restored to the church. The number of souls who attended the video night on Saturday were not up to the previous time. But about 60 children came forward to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Throughout this evangelism program, the number of souls that gave their lives to Christ was 64 souls. On Sunday morning around 5.30 a.m., we were called to pray for a woman who was dying.  Now she has been restored to life. Apart from that, people came to us for counselling in our lodging place.

The Sunday church service was conducted by the team Pastor Samuel Asare played a role of M.C.  Pastor William Odame taught the adult Sunday school and Pastor Isaac Kuranchie preached at the church service. At the time of testimony, a woman said that she made up her mind that she will stop going to church but since the team arrived she could see the hand of the Lord upon the church.  Therefore it is her prayer that the members may maintain their faith in the Lord and come back.

Another young man also testified there was a problem that discouraged the youth in the church so they change their mind and many of them stop going to church. He is very glad that through this program the Lord has brought them together again.

We called the backslidden returnees and prayed for them which were 13 members. In fact, this trip has been a great revival in the church and the whole village people there are very glad and are calling us back to come again. Glory be to God the Holy Spirit moved in many divers ways and we had a smooth work done. The host church is Emmaus Resurrection Church by Pastor Enoch Kwansah.


Rev. William Odame