2006 – June 29 – July 2 – Outreach To Fankyinkor – Greater Accra Region

  • Venue:             Fankyinkor in the Greater Accra Region
  • Date:                June 29 to 2 July, 2006
  • Activities:        Morning Devotion, Wounds Dressing and Deliverance
  • Host Pastor:    Pastor Enoch of Emmaus Resurrection Church
  • The Team:       Pastor Isaac, Pastor William, Pastor Asare and Pastor Godfred Appiah.

The three members of the outreach team and a student of ISOM paid four days evangelistic working visit to Fankyinkor in the greater Accra region from 29th June to 2nd July 2006. The journey was about 45 kkilometresaway from Accra.

On Thursday “Jesus Christ of Nazareth” was shown on our video program. The crowd was about 200 people, including children, the sick were prayed for. Head-aches, chest pains, waist pain and leg pains were healed.

On Friday, morning devotion was organized by the team and the attendance was 22 people. There was nothing like that in the church and the elders of the church said they will continue to do that. We launched out in the afternoon from house to house, two women gave their lives to Christ. The team then encouraged two sisters having problems, Janet and Gladys. Janet told us that whenever she takes seed it doesn’t develop, she added that her first pregnancy compelled her husband to send her to a fetish priest (witchdoctor) before she gave birth to her first child. We are witnesses to her second pregnancy, it is seven months but so flat. Gladys also told us that she works from Monday to Sunday in her farm but spends all her money on hard drinks. She added that ‘I have three children but of different fathers’. These two sisters re-dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ in our first trip to Fankyinkor. In the evening we showed “the hour of Grace” on the video. The crowd was 230 people. The sick were prayed for.

On Saturday, the morning devotion was conducted by the team and attendance was 17 people. After the morning devotion a girl of 16 years old was brought to us, whose grand mother gave her witchcraft through a ring for about six months. The purpose of which the ring was given to her was that she should sleep with men all the days of her life. This girl confessed that “since the ring was given to her, she had slept with more than 10 men”. She said some one prayed for her some time ago and took the ring from her and threw it into a pit of toilet and the next day she found it in her bag and some few days later it got missing. She started going to church and when praise and worship was going on she fell down and had wounds on her body. But when we prayed for her the Lord totally delivered her. She is Angela. After her deliverance she joined the praises and worship team, she sang in the video night, she made a difference. She is gifted in music. In the afternoon wounds were dressed, about thirty-nine people both children and adult were there to dress their wounds and they were prayed for. An old man said that about six months now he had been praying that we should come and dress his wound for him because if he goes to the herbalist to dress his wounds he would have to take a goat or foul to him for ritual.

In the evening we continued the video show with the part two of the “hour of Grace”. The crowd was about 250 people but one young woman came forward to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior of her life.

On Sunday, we continued with the morning devotion. Church service started three hours after the morning devotion. The word ministration at the service was done by Pastor Asare. We made it a joint service between Fankyinkor and Paanor Emmaus resurrection church, the Host was Pastor Enoch.

The photos will follow soon.