2006 – August 17-19 – Outreach To Adjen Kotoku – Greater Accra Region

  • Venue:            Adjen Kotoku in the Greater Accra Region
  • Date:              17 to 19 August 2006
  • Activities:      House to House Evangelism
  • The Team:     Pastor Isaac, Pastor William, Pastor Asare and Pastor  Godfred Appiah.
  • Salvations :    38

The outreach team and a student of ISOM paid three days evangelistic working visit to Kotoku in the greater Accra region. Kotoku is 20 kilometres away from Accra. In day one, we spoke to about 19 people who gave their lives to Christ. A comment about a young man of about 28 years called Kobra Bejo, and a woman of 70 years old called Magret. When we approached Kobra Bejo he quenched his cigarette and we asked him “why he did that? And he said “I respect you and God that is why I did it. He told us that it is not good for him to smoke, he tried to stop it but he wasn’t able, so he told us to remember him in prayer.

Madam Margaret also, while we were witnessing we saw her looking steadfastly at us from a distance, and when we approached her we asked her why she was looking at us and she said: “my three children died just recently, I owe people around me and when I sell people don’t buy”. And she said she felt we would come to her that is why she was looking at us. She was very sad but she was very happy when we were leaving her.

In the following day, about 15 people gave their lives to Christ. We observed that the whole town is linked up to religious churches. We saw Methodist church, Presbyterian church, Temple of God church, a Catholic church, etc.   The Jehovah Witness group are also working hard to win people into their Kingdom. All along we did not see any Word-based church in the town, but during the witnessing, we met two young men, Francis and Benjamin who told us they have started a charismatic ministry but not quite long. And they invited us home and discussed with us how they can get in touch with CMM. And when praying with them I felt the presence of God strongly.

Our last day in Adjien Kotoku was a follow up to some few people we promised and during the follow up one drug addict and two drunkards gave their lives to Christ. One of these two drunkards did not want to hear from us because they thought we were a group of Jehovah Witness but when the sound of the word had been blown into their ears they saw where we were coming from and they said that since they have accepted Christ they will do the work of God.

Glory be to God.


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