2005 – September 14-18 – Outreach To Mayera – The Greater Accra Region

VENUE:          Mayera in the Greater Accra Region
DATE:            14th – 18th September 2005
ACTIVITIES:  House to house and video-show evangelism
TEAM:            Eric Asumadu, Samuel Asare, Isaac Afful, William Odame and Isaac Kuranchi.

CMM Outreach team paid five days working visit to Mayera in the Greater Accra region. It is about twenty-eight kilometres (17 miles) from Accra. The very first night was set apart for prayer. After prayers, we went to the house of the host pastor who had been sick in bed for a very long time. We prayed with him and God instantly healed him.

On Thursday morning we launched out and witnessed to about 25 people out of which 3 gave their lives to Christ while others rededicated their lives to Him. In the evening the film entitled, “Jesus Christ of Nazareth” was shown. The crowd was about 150. At the end of the show, most of them lifted up their hands to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. Five others were prayed for in the area of their businesses and family matters. And also a young man who had a severe pain in his leg was prayed for and was healed instantly. The pain seized immediately and he testified during the next day’s video show.

On Friday morning we continued the house to house evangelism and about 40 people were spoken to out of which 11 gave their lives to Christ. Some sick folks were prayed for and a woman who was suffering from severe headache and was not able to raise her head received instant healing. Also another man with high blood pressure was touched by the hand of God during the prayers. In the evening we continued the film show with the film entitled, “Final Account”. About 300 people attended. The sick were prayed for and a woman suffering from heartburn was healed.

On Saturday morning the team launched out again for house-to-house witnessing. Tracts were also distributed to people. A woman who, according to the doctor had a stroke and couldn’t walk, sent her child to call us to pray for her. After the prayers, she started walking.

During our house to house witnessing, 5 people gave their lives to Christ. In the evening we had much time to praise and worship our Lord with the crowd before the film show. The crowd that night was about 350 and the film was entitled, “Chains”. During the altar call, 4 people showed up. About 12.30 a.m. a woman came to call us to pray for her paralysed husband. He was healed instantly after praying for him and walked to where we lodged early in the morning around 6.30 a.m.

On Sunday morning the team conducted a church service and 10 new converts were added to the church. After the word ministration, the sick were prayed for and very many people testified of their healings. Amongst them was a woman who had suffered pains in her ribs for 15 years who was healed instantly.

We returned around 7.30 p.m.

The photos will follow soon.



Total:  183 salvations