2005 – Nov. 23-27 – Olebu Outreach, Crusade & Counselling

  • Venue:                           OLEBU
  • Date:                              23RD – 27TH November 2005
  • Activities:                      House Evangelism, Film show, Crusade and Counselling
  • Team:                            ISAAC, WILLIAM, ASARE, ERIC, FRANK AND DOUGLAS.
  • Number of Souls won:  Adult 54 children 92

A four-member team of CMM outreach and three students of CMM Bible School went on a mission of evangelism to Olebu, about 13 kilometres from Accra.  A film was shown in the evening entitled the “Life of Jesus”. About 130 people gathered to watch it. After that, an altar call was made and 15 young men boldly gave their lives to Christ. Glory be to God! This was the team’s first time seeing souls willing to give their lives to Christ.

The next day morning, the team divided themselves into two groups for house-to-house witnessing. Both groups shared tracts, the goods news about King Jesus and also encouraged backsliders.A woman was prayed for and was healed of rheumatism pains.

In the evening, we continued the film show on the topic “The Passion of Christ”. A lot of people responded again the crowd was about 270. Three young boys and a number of children gave their lives to our Lord Jesus Christ. Prayers were offered for the sick people and they testified healing.

On Friday the team continued the house-to-house witnessing. The response was positive. A lot of people gave their lives to Christ. There was a heavy down pour to disturb us. We had the third film show entitled “The Hour of Grace” on the church premises.  Even though it has rained and the weather was cold, people still came in numbers. After the show we had 4 hours mini all-night prayers.  The power of God was at work and many were blessed.

On Saturday morning, the team continued with five hours house evangelism. 25 people gave their lives to Christ. Out of this 10 were church goers. 3 people also renewed their life with Christ. We exhorted those growing cold to press on. A young lady who had a stomach problem recovered after being prayed for.

In the evening we continued the film show. Many people responded again and 18 people gave their lives to Christ.

On Sunday, Bro. Frank preached on the topic ‘Kingdom of God. After which we had a prayer section to let God strengthen us to persevere in him. To God be the glory for a successful trip.

Glory!!!   The photos will follow soon.