2005 – December 14-18 – Outreach To Senya Breku – The Central Region

Venue:             Senya Breku, Central Region
Date:               14th – 18th December 2005
Activities:        House to House and Video Show Evangelism.

Four members of CMM outreach team paid five days visit to Senya Breku in Central Region. It is about 39 kilometres from Accra.

The team arrived on Wednesday evening, prayed for three hours in the night and on Thursday morning launched out from house to house. We spoke to both believers and unbelievers and 6 of them accepted Christ while four of them got instant healing when they were prayed for. They were healed of bodily pains, neck pains and malaria.

In the evening the team organised video show and presented the “The Passion of Christ”. The crowd that night was about 120 souls and in 18 of them lifted their hands to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, and two sick folks were prayed for.

On Friday morning, the team was divided into two groups and continued the house to house witnessing. As a result, both witnessed to about 46 souls and 24 people gave their lives to Christ. Most of them were just church goers without having Christ because they lack knowledge but through the teachings, we gave them they received Christ into their heart with gladness. Brother Isaac and his group prayed for three sick folks. They prayed for a small boy who had been paralysed by malaria. They left him to other houses to witness but at their return home the parents called on the group with happiness and testified that the boy had got up and was now walking. A woman who had a sharp pain in her head testified she was healed. Another woman also with pains all over her body testified that she had her instant healing during the prayer.

In the evening, we continued the video show which entitled “The Anti-Christ”. The crowd grew to about 300 plus. 7 men including about 30 children came forward to accept Jesus. The team reached out again on Saturday morning. We spoke to 19 church-going believers. Who were without Christ. We prayed with them and all gave their lives to Jesus Christ. The bodily pains and malaria patients were also prayed for and they were all instantly healed.

In the evening we presented our last video show entitled, “The Holy Violence”. The crowd increased to about 400 plus, 50 children gave their lives to Christ Jesus. The team conducted the church service on Sunday: Bro. William Odame, taught the adult Sunday school about ‘commitment’ because the church members were not committed. Bro. Isaac Koranchie Danquah, conducted the children service, Bro. Frank led the congregation through praises and worship and Bro. Samuel Asare also preached at the church service.

Now throughout this evangelistic program, 154 souls gave their lives to Christ but out of these only two girls came to the church service on Sunday. Glory be to God that every step that we took in Senya Breku was successful.

Those involved in this trip were Bro. Isaac Koranchie Danquah, Bro. William Odame, Bro. Samuel Asare and Amposah Frank. The Host Pastor: Danso Ansah of Christ Pentecostal Int. Church.


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