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Your and My Purpose in Life

Dear friends of C.M.M.

Just a word to let you know that all of us connected to the operation of this ministry are very grateful for your support through your offerings and prayers.  

Every person on earth has a purpose, sometimes multiple purposes, to fulfill during their lifetime.   Christians must rely on the Holy Spirit to guide them in this process.  God has placed a sense of purpose in my life to support devout Christians in Ghana to win others to Jesus Christ in that nation and more.  Additionally, it includes Rev. Sikila Cornelius’ ministry in India, a man who has deep compassion for children, lepers, and the lost.   All of the people mentioned are fulfilling their God-given purpose of helping others.

You have a purpose also and are probably doing what God has placed on your heart to do.  I would like to ask you to take on another purpose and that is not to forget this ministry in your giving and prayers.   It’s so easy to do these days when there is so much turmoil and trouble in the world.  

Please remember the ones in the photos below.  They are orphans who need to be fed, clothed, and housed at an average of $150 per week for about 40 of them. 

Also, people who have contracted leprosy and because of covid lockdowns, are not able to go to the streets to beg money for food and medications. 

Last but not in any way least, are the poor villagers who rely on puddles of water for drinking, washing, and cooking.  Many of them have sicknesses from the water, even dying from it. They need a freshwater well which would cost about $1500.

Sometimes it is worth sacrificing a Starbucks drink, a night out on the town, or another expense that gives us pleasure but no real satisfaction or achievement.  An offering of any amount toward the needs mentioned may be a sacrifice to you but it could also mean a meal or two for an orphan; the ability to buy medication for a leper who has lost fingers and toes; and/or prevent a whole village of people from contracting a serious disease from contaminated water. 

Thanks for reading this far.  I pray that God will put it on your heart to give sacrificially to these needs and may He bless you abundantly as you do. 

In Christ,