The Power Of A Whisper

by Teresa Foo

    Have you ever whispered? Most of us have. What makes a whisper different than a regularly spoken word? Years ago, as a young tot, my best friend, Cassandra, taught me a simple truth. We joked a lot and she was full of humor. She once told me that a whisper is more effective than a yell. As years passed, I realized the impact of that statement.

    As a child in a classroom, do you remember your teacher standing still, waiting for all of you to listen? What if your teacher yelled at you instead? Would that have been more effective? I truly doubt it.

    Sometimes silence or a simple whisper is more effective than a harsh word.
Please remember, God also whispers in many different ways. Sometimes it’s difficult to discern, but often, down deep we know it is Him. He sees your heart and He understands your struggles! Continue to hold His hand. Even at your weakest moment, when you feel you have no strength to carry on.

    Remember . . . HE never lets go! He loves you for you!