The Caleb Spirit

by Val Black

When asked by a newspaper reporter if he had lived in Maine all of his life, the 90 plus man replied, “Not yet”.

All us Seniors should have the same attitude.  The older I get the more I like to think about Caleb in the Old Testament. Joshua and Caleb were the only two left of the original group of the Children of Israel that left Egypt for the Promised Land. When it was time to divide up the land after taking it, Joshua asked Caleb what part he wanted. Caleb wanted the mountains. Not the plains, but the mountains where life must have been harder.

In addition, at that time there were still giants in the land (remember Goliath and his four brothers?). The giants that were still living (referred to as Anakims, Anakites in other Bible versions) occupied the mountains that Caleb claimed. But that didn’t matter with Caleb. He knew with God’s help, he could conquer any problems that came along, even giants.

Let that be your attitude as you grow older. Grow in strength in the Word and faith in God. With faith and knowing the battle is not yours, but God’s, you can face any giant (problem) and take the land for God’s glory and your peace.  That’s the “Caleb spirit”.

(For reference, see: Joshua 14:11-12)