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Sharing the Gospel in Abutia Tetie

We received another report filled with great news of what the Lord is doing in Africa! On April 12, 2018, a Covenant Messenger team led by Rev. John Harrison visited Abutia Tetie in the Volta region, sharing 178 tracts and preaching the Gospel to whoever would listen. This town has a heavy stronghold of idol worship as it is common in every house one enters. But, as a result of sharing the Gospel, 39 people surrendered their lives to the Christ and the whole place was filled with the joy of the Lord. Hallelujah!

Here are some individual stories of healing (photos taken by Matthew).

A fetish priest afflicted this man with an incurable disease. His family had given up hope for him as he has been in a coma and his body has been decaying.

The Covenant Messenger team laid hands on this man and prayed. God touched the man as he began breathing freely and turning himself around. Praise God!




There was a woman with severe pain in her waist who couldn’t stand and walk. The team ministered to this woman and by the power of God, she stood up and walked!









Bless the Lord for His mercies! Great is our God and worthy of praise!