The fields of the earth are ripe for harvest and God is doing a great work in Ghana, West Africa!   C.M.M. is blessed to have a small part in it.

On the following pages, you will find various articles but the most important ones are the outreach reports. At least once a month the Covenant Messenger Ministries Outreach Team visits villages and cities giving their testimonies, passing out tracts, praying with and for people in their service to the Lord.  There is nothing more important than bringing the lost into the Kingdom of God and it is very rare when the team returns without a good report of people accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Please read and be blessed by the following accounts of salvations,  deliverances, and healings through the efforts of the C.M.M. Outreach Team.

Outreach to Akyem Asafo – May 3, 2018 – “How Can I Know Your Jesus?”

Sharing the Gospel truth of Jesus Christ is like piercing the darkness with shattering light.  This is exactly what took place during an evangelism outreach in the eastern region of Ghana called Akyem Asafo on May 3, 2018. It was pouring rain, but the Covenant Messenger team (David, Della, Matthew, & Harrison) still shared over 207 tracts and 69 people surrendered their lives to Christ! David and Della witnessing to Hasina  Among those was a Muslim lady named Hasina.  As the team was sharing the Gospel and tracts, Hasina was distracting her friends with a contradictory message that no Savior called ...
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Words Of Wisdom by Jerome – May 4, 2018

(Jerome is the son of Joseph Boachie-Danquah, the director of Covenant Messenger Ministries in Accra, Ghana. Jerome is in charge of the video/photography for the ministry and he also has a gift for writing articles that will encourage, strengthen and enrich your life. Below is his latest one) The only power that discouragement has, is the power you give it. Though the challenges are great, you are greater. For you can act and learn and adapt, and act again with even more effectiveness. This is your moment to pick your head up, put a smile on your face, and with ...
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Outreach to Begoro – April 27, 2018

The C.M.M. Outreach Team visited the village of Begoro in the Eastern Region of Ghana on April 27, 2018.   They were very excited when they returned and reported several people receiving Jesus as Savior plus many healings.  Below is the report from Ghana:                   – Haleluya! Haleluya! Haleluya!
We can’t stop singing Haleluya to the most High God for His mercies and grace towards us.   The Evangelism team traveled to BEGORO in the Eastern Region. We left as early as 6 a.m. and got there about 9:15 a.m. We had the privilege to ...
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Sharing the Gospel in Abutia Tetie

We received another report filled with great news of what the Lord is doing in Africa! On April 12, 2018, a Covenant Messenger team led by Rev. John Harrison visited Abutia Tetie in the Volta region, sharing 178 tracts and preaching the Gospel to whoever would listen. This town has a heavy stronghold of idol worship as it is common in every house one enters. But, as a result of sharing the Gospel, 39 people surrendered their lives to the Christ and the whole place was filled with the joy of the Lord. Hallelujah! Here are some individual stories of ...
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Words Of Wisdom from Jerome – April 30, 2018

(Jerome is the son of Joseph Boachie-Danquah, the director of Covenant Messenger Ministries in Accra, Ghana. Jerome is in charge of the video/photography for the ministry and he also has a gift for writing articles that will encourage, strengthen and enrich your life. Below is his latest one) – Psalms 27:1-4…………The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked came against me to eat up my flesh, my enemies, and foes they stumble and fall. Though an army may encamp against ...
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Kiran Hosted A Pastor’s Meeting – March 26, 2018

We are very glad to be a part of the ministry of Kiran Babu in India.   For many years Kiran and his family have supported Christian Pastors in surrounding areas of their home.   On the 26th of every month, Kiran’s family hosts a luncheon and prayer meeting at their home for several Pastors.   The Pastors are fed physically, financially, and spiritually as well.   Please keep them all in prayer as it is very difficult for them to evangelize in a nation that is about 80% Hindu and also hostile to Christians.   Here are photos of the meeting.    Above: Gathered for prayer  ...
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God’s Servant, Rev. John Harrison

Rev. John Harrison of Covenant Messenger Ministries is keeping very busy these days teaching classes in various locations and opening new schools as well. I like to tell the story of how John became acquainted with our ministry.  It must have been between 15 to 20 years ago that someone donated a brand new Bible to the ministry.  It was a duplicate of the Bible I had bought many years ago and because of the notes and use, mine had degraded quite a bit.  I was happy to receive the new Bible and believed God had sent it as a ...
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The Largest Graduation Took Place At East Lagon, Jan. 20, 2018

On January 20, 2018, the largest graduation of the year took place at the Harvest Chapel in East Lagon. This was the second graduation for the school. Last year twenty-two students graduated while forty students graduated this year!   Twenty-one students earned diplomas, eight earned degrees and nine were ordained into the service of our Lord. The President of the school is Rev. Paul Ansah Asiedu. The school facilitator is Rev. Philip Osei and administration officer is Freeman Darteh.   The auditorium was full and the atmosphere of joy filled the room as the graduates danced to the glory of God. The auditorium ...
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The Kumasi Graduation – January 13, 2018

Rev. Jerry Smith traveled to Ghana in January to minister at several graduations in various locations.  The first graduation took place January 13, 2018, at Mogpa (Moment of Glory Prayer Army) in Kumasi. On that day 37 students graduated and 35 were ordained in the service of the Lord. Photos below: Above:  a photo of the graduates Above:  The graduates with Rev. Jerry Smith &  the school faculty and C.M.M. staff Above: the school faculty and the C.M.M. staff with the hosting pastor and facilitator Rev.  Isaac Osei-Bonsu & Rev. Jerry Smith ...
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A New School Has Opened At The Refuge Place of Worship In Kumasi

A new Bible school has opened at the Refuge Place of Worship in Kumasi at Mankraso, Ghana.   The school will be using the I.S.O.M. curriculum provided by Covenant Messenger Ministries.   The hosting Pastor is Rev. Osei Kwame Thomas.  Below are photos: Above:  Rev. Osei Kwame Thomas & wife Above:  Boachie with Rev Osei Kwame Thomas, the school facilitator and his assistant Above:  The students with C.M.M. director, Boachie ...
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