The fields of the earth are ripe for harvest and God is doing a great work in Ghana, West Africa!   C.M.M. is blessed to have a small part in it.

On the following pages, you will find various articles but the most important ones are the outreach reports. At least once a month the Covenant Messenger Ministries Outreach Team visits villages and cities giving their testimonies, passing out tracts, praying with and for people in their service to the Lord.  There is nothing more important than bringing the lost into the Kingdom of God and it is very rare when the team returns without a good report of people accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Please read and be blessed by the following accounts of salvations,  deliverances, and healings through the efforts of the C.M.M. Outreach Team.

Outreach to Ada Foah- October 9, 2018

The Covenant Messenger Evangelism team traveled to Ada Foah on the Southeast coast of Ghana on Tuesday, October 9,  2018 sharing over 189 tracts and preaching the Word of God.   Their hearts yearned for souls to be saved and 57 people surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ!  Thank you, Lord! Below are photos of the team ministering to the people of Ada Foah. This woman was suffering from severe pain in her abdomen. After praying, she was totally healed by the power of God! David and Della pray for a woman and her son. David witnesses to a woman David and ...
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A Progress Report from Rev. Dotse – October 2, 2018

Calvary greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We thank God for his mercies and abundant Grace.  We wish to inform you that the COVENANT MESSENGER INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MINISTRY will be having its first class of the Bible Training Programed in HO, the capital city of the VOLTA REGIONAL IN GHANA, on Saturday the 6th of October, 2018.  As of today,  the 2nd day of October 2018, eight students have registered for the program with more expected. I and my family have relocated to the village of Monome on the 21st September 2018, and we hope this ...
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Outreach To Akim Akwaduuso – September 26, 2018

(Below is the report from Ghana in regards to a very successful outreach to the village of Akwaduuso) Greetings in the name of the Most-High God!  The Covenant Messenger Ministry Team, David, Della, Matthew, and John, headed to Akim Akwaduuso on the morning of September 26, 2018.  Akwaduuso is a village located about 3 hours from Accra with cocoa and plantains as its major industry. The team preached the Word of God by sharing the messages in the following tracts: Free Lunch, Go to the Rock, The Promise, God Is Not Mad At You, and You Are Loved.  Over 300 tracts were shared ...
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Outreach to Topease – September 12, 2018

GLORY!  GLORY!  GLORY! That is how Rev. John Harrison began the latest report and it is easy to understand the cause for the excitement:  there are 113 new names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life!!!! On September 12 the outreach team visited Topease, the location of one of the largest rubber plantations in Western Ghana.   They found the people there very open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   As they preached the Gospel, they also handed out 300 tracts and explained their meaning to ones with questions.   One woman upon receiving Jesus as Savior was immediately baptized in the ...
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Sept. 11, 2018- Outreach to Apro-Kumasi

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we must boldly share the love and message of our Savior with the world because it’s what He commanded us to do.  On September 11, 2018, the Covenant Messenger Ministry Team (David, Della, Matthew, and John) traveled to Apro-Kumasi in the eastern region of Akim Asamabkese to Akim Oda Road and shared 312 tracts with various people.  They also ministered and prayed for people.  Here are a few photos from their latest outreach. s As the team shared the Gospel tracts, they met an elderly woman who was a Muslim.  She told them that she ...
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Saltpond Outreach Report- Aug 31, 2018

      In the fourth chapter of the book of Luke, we see Jesus standing in the synagogue on the Sabbath and reading from the scroll of Isaiah: 18 “The Spirit of the Lord is on me,
    because he has anointed me
    to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners
    and recovery of sight for the blind,
to set the oppressed free,
19     to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor” (Luke 4:18-19).      We find a few interesting things in this fulfilled prophecy.  Jesus was the “Anointed One” sent to proclaim ...
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Odoben Brakwa Outreach- August 8, 2018

Romans 10:17 says, “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God,” but what happens when you can’t hear?  On August 8, 2018, the Covenant Messenger evangelism team, Matthew, David, Harrison, and Della, met a young man who couldn’t hear as they were sharing Gospel tracts in Odoben Brakwa in the northern part of the Central Region.  Although this man couldn’t hear a word that they were saying, he was interested in the tracts. This young man couldn’t hear. By faith, the CMM team was moved by the Holy Spirit to pray for this man to ...
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Prison Ministry Report for July-August, 2018

(Below is the Prison Ministry Report as it was received from the office in Accra, Ghana) REPORT ON VISIT TO CENTRAL PRISONS ON 27TH JULY & 10TH AUGUST, 2018 IN KUMASI The meeting scheduled on the 27th July, 2018 could not take place due to renovations been carried out in the prisons. On the 10th August, a new place was given to us to meet with the students; but could not have classes as it was an open space without connection to electricity. In all sixty (60) students turned up with Pastor Kwabena Owusu; who ministered to them, at 1:45pm ...
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Outreach To Asesewa – Aug. 1, 2018

Outreach To Asesewa – Aug. 1, 2018 As the psalmist said, “AS THE DEER PANTS FOR THE WATER, SO MY SOUL LONGETH AFTER THEE” The people of Asesewa embraced the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ as the team went all out to preach, share tracts and interpret the messages in the tracts to the understanding of the people. Asesewa is a commercial town and has one of the biggest markets in the Eastern Region which operates on Mondays and Fridays.  Hundreds of traders come and sell all kind of goods. Though the town is small and very dusty, the ...
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“How can I know your Jesus?”

HOW CAN I KNOW YOUR JESUS? by Val Black Covenant Messenger Ministries sponsors a team of four evangelists who regularly go to cities and villages in various parts of Ghana to pass out Gospel tracts (pamphlets), explain salvation through Jesus Christ and pray for healing for those who are afflicted with sickness and other infirmities. In May of 2018 the team went to in a small village in the eastern region of Ghana called Akyem Asafo and in pouring down rain that day, they still managed to give out 207 Gospel tracts to anyone who would accept them.  Through the ...
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