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Outreach To Komenda – July 11, 2018

(Below is the latest outreach report, written by Rev. John Harrison of the C.M.M. Outreach Team) 

Blessings and Peace be unto the Name of our Lord Jesus.

Komenda is a town in the Central Region of Ghana.  It is a small old town where the British settled and built the Komenda Fort between 1695 – 1698.   It currently has a modern sugar factory.

We arrived there early morning on Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. on July 11, 2018.

By the grace of God, we shared 201 tracts and preached the Gospel of our Lord Jesus.  We also explained the messages in the tracts to the people.  87 people gave their lives to Christ.  Peace and joy filled their hearts with their new faith.

There was also a healing that took place.   A woman who could hardly walk and had been chairbound for years.  We prayed for her and by the grace of God, she began to walk!!

Praise the Lord!

Below are photos.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom for a video of the elderly lady walking after prayer:

David and Della pray for an elderly lady who has been unable to walk for many years
She is encouraged to stand and walk in Jesus’ Name
She stands and takes her first steps, more able to walk than she has for many years. See the video below.
Evangelists Della and David share the Gospel with a woman of Komenda
Evangelist David Osafo prays with a lady to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior
Evangelists David Osafo and Della Anning lead a woman in prayer to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
Della and David praying with another lady to receive Jesus as Savior


In this video, the elderly woman who had been chairbound for many years is able to walk after prayer.