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Outreach to Akyem Hemang – June 7, 2022

Greetings in the name of our Lord JESUS CHRIST!

By the grace of God, the CMM team of Ghana, W. Africa traveled to Akyem Hemang in the Eastern Region.  Akyem Hemang is about 108 kilometers away from Accra and 2 hrs and 10 minutes drive from Accra.   The team left Accra on Tuesday, June 7th to Akyem Hemang to witness the name of Jesus Christ to the dying world.   We preached, shared Gospel tracts, and explained the message in the tracts so they would understand the content.

In summary, we shared close to 500 tracts with the people we met.  The results of our efforts were to see 147 people accept Jesus as Savior, while 23 rededicated their lives to Christ.  In addition, we were able to administer water baptism to 9 people.

One interesting story is about a bar that served alcohol and the bar owner, who was a woman.  When the CMM team first approached her with the Gospel she drove us out of her shop.  But Brother Matthew overheard her speak to someone in a dialect that he understood her to be from his hometown.  Brother Matthew returned to the shop and began speaking to the woman.  She immediately changed her attitude and welcomed Matthew and the rest of us back to the shop.  Matthew explained the Gospel tract to her and when finished, she gladly accepted Jesus as her Savior.

In another place, Bro. Matthew shared the Gospel tract, “FREE LUNCH” with three ladies.  After Matthews’s detailed explanation of the message, all three not only received Jesus as their Lord and Savior but asked us to come back again sometime.  Glory!!!!

We bless God for a wonderful Outreach and souls saved to the Glory of God!   Together, we are winning souls for Christ.  Thank you all for your faithful support!!!!!

God bless,

Rev. John Harrison,

C.M.M. Outreach Leader

Below are photos of the evangelism and baptism pictures.