Having Church On A Rock

Despite the pandemic, food shortages, loss of income because of lockdown, etc., the Church of Jesus Christ is growing around the world.   The Holy Spirit is working continually to bring people to Jesus by the testimonies, preaching, and evangelism of common people.   When two or more gather they worship and learn more about our Lord.  Some are blessed to have a church with comfortable pews, heating and air conditioning, and some even serve coffee and snacks.  

There are other areas of the world where the same Holy Spirit reaches the lost with the same message through others and they feel blessed if they can just meet in the open without persecution.  And some meet secretly, knowing they risk their lives if caught worshiping or Lord.

There is one place in India where a few are coming together to worship and they don’t enjoy the pleasantries of Western churches.  These devout Christians meet on a rock because they don’t have a church and they are just as happy as others who meet in cathedrals.  Maybe even more so.  

This is a photo of those people.  It is the only photo we have of them.  We don’t know the exact location or their names and it is just as well because if caught, they would probably go to jail.

We wanted others to see this photo in hopes that it may remind everyone how blessed most of us are in the West, especially America. 

We ask for your prayers for these and the many others who are poor in material things but so rich in the spiritual.  God bless you.