Gospel Tracts of Covenant Messenger Ministries

We are beginning to post Gospel tracts here that are used throughout the world to spread the Good News by our ministry, and other ministries too.  

The first tract titled, The Greatest News In The World, was our first tract that we printed and sent to Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Albania.   The tract was written by Richard Booker, author of The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread, and many, many more.   

In 1989 as the Berlin Wall was coming down, the Lord spoke to my heart and said to print tracts for three nations: Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary.  This seemed impossible to me as I was just a one-man print shop with old, used printing presses.  Besides, I questioned how I would translate into other languages.  In particular, Bulgarian language as it uses the Cyrillic alphabet needing special font styles.  But God opened doors, one at a time.  A ministry in California translated the Bulgarian tract with no charge to us and then hand-carried 10,000 Bulgarian tracts into that nation just after the borders were opened to the Gospel.    In most of these three nations and later, a fourth one, Albania, our tracts were some of the first Gospel message to be available to the people in 50 to 60 years.   

This is the tract that began with our ministry. Written by Richard Booker.
The same tract as above but in Albanian language
The same tract as above but in Bulgarian language
The same tract as above but in Hungarian language
The same tract as above but in Romanian language


The Greatest News In The World tract in Spanish


“The Joy of Jesus” in Chichewa for Malawi
The Promise tract in Albanian language
“God Loves You” tract in Chichewa for Malawi






The Promise tract in Romanian language


50,000 of these were sent to Africa which began our ministry in Ghana
The Promise tract in Chichewa language for Malawi


A tract in English about Pentecost
A tract simply telling about the love of God
A tract telling the truth about Hell
There is only One Way to Heaven – Through Jesus
A tract about the Rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ











This is a “tongue-in-cheek” tract that usually gets attention. It’s about the Marriage Supper of the Lamb
That Rock is Jesus!



There are many types of bread but only One to live for eternity
A tract about knowing God in a very special way, as Father






This short tract is a popular one, a love letter from God to you.
A tract explaining what happens after death and the need to make a choice while alive







A tract about three subjects rarely taught in churches today











“Go To The Rock” tract in Chichewa for Malawi