A Report On The Prison Ministry In Kumasi – June, 2017

This Is A Report On The Visit To Central Prison On 2nd & 16th Of June, 2017 In Kumasi, Ghana. The meeting which commenced at 1:30 pm with prayer, praise and worship by the inmates; had in attendance one hundred (100) inmates, two (2) Prison officers and CMM regional coordinator, Pastor Kwabena Owusu. A short exhortation was given by Pastor Kwabena Owusu, after welcoming inmates to the service and went straight to discuss the way forward concerning the commencement of the Bible School. The inmates were anxious and wanted to know why the program was delayed.  They were satisfied after knowing ...
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Featuring The International School Of Ministries

Covenant Messenger Ministries International Bible School was begun in February 2000. Our vision is to educate as many people as possible in sound doctrine utilizing a curriculum that is affordable for everyone.  We found it and more, in the curriculum of the International School Of Ministries, or I.S.O.M. The curriculum consists of 160 hours of video lessons by anointed teachers such as:  Dr. A.L. Gill (photo above), Dr. T.L. Osborn; Dr. Marilyn Hickey; Dr. Joyce Meyer; Rev. Ray Comfort and many others. Average time to complete the course of 5 Trimesters is between 3 to 5 months, depending on the ...
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Bible School has begun at the Prison in Kumasi

Two years ago Covenant Messenger Ministries requested permission from the government of Ghana to conduct Bible schools in the prisons of Ghana, using the same I.S.O.M. curriculum being used in various churches and Bible schools throughout that nation.  As of April 2017, the request has been approved and the first Bible school has begun at the prison in Kumasi, the second largest prison in Ghana. We are asking prayers for its success. Pastor Kwabena Owusu, (Director of the C.M.M. Prison Ministry) ...
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