Former Idol Worshipers Accept Jesus and Are Baptized! Feb. 7, 2020

We received a wonderful report from Rev. Cornelius in India this morning.  The converts were all Dalits.   As I have explained before, the Dalits are a class of people considered beneath the rest of humanity by some in India.  These Dalits were idol worshipers but have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  They are now saying that Jesus is the only way to Heaven!

Rev. Cornelius has expressed a desperate need for more financial assistance to purchase Bibles, Gospel tracts, but especially for the orphanage that was founded by Rev. Cornelius.   It takes approximately $500 per month to feed the 30 plus children and the operating staff.   C.M.M. has committed to help with $100 per month and that is all we can do unless the Lord raises up more who want to help.   The staff has not been paid for a long time and at least two of them have left.   Please consider a one time offering or better yet, a monthly offering of some amount.

Many thanks and God richly bless you.  Now below are photos of the baptisms of February 7, 2020.

Food For India Donation



Food For India Donation