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Feeding The Hungry In India – June 17, 2020

The Covid-19 virus is spreading in India and especially in the area around Grace Children’s Home.   Reverend Cornelius reports that conditions are getting worse by the day.  So many people are without food. 

We were blessed recently to be able to send $150 to Rev. Cornelius to purchase food for the Children’s Home and help others as much as possible.   Besides feeding the children at the home, Cornelius said there were funds left over so he was also able to give loaves of bread to 100 Dalit children.  

Below are photos showing how blessed everyone was to receive food.  One widow had no one to care for her and was needing food.  She was very happy to receive some rice and bread from Rev. Cornelius.

Below are photos of some of the Dalit children with their loaves of bread and the widow with her blessing of rice and bread. 

Food For India Donation




Food For India Donation