Evangelizing The Lost In India

As the new year begins let’s all give thanks for the blessings we have been given by our Lord.  In India and other places around the world life is not as easy as we have it in the U.S.    When we want a drink of water we turn on the faucet and pour it into a glass without thinking about it.   In India and other places water is drawn from a well, lake, river or creek.  When we build a new home or other structure most will hire a construction company to do it and we don’t have to have our children make bricks for it as in India. 

As you view the photos below I think you will understand what I’m trying to say.  The people you see in the photos have heard the Gospel and responded or are hearing it for the first time in their lives.   You will see some sharing tracts, Bibles and prayer.   Your offerings to C.M.M. are going to evangelizing the lost, feeding orphans and wages for the staff, and in one case, help a young man and family to rebuild their hut that was destroyed by wind.

This young man with his child lost his home to a wind storm.
Rev. Cornelius prays over him
Prayers are offered and God responds with a gift through C.M.M. to help rebuild the home.
Food For India Donation


Food For India Donation