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Evangelizing In India – July 2021

Rev. Cornelius and volunteers are keeping busy these days fulfilling the Great Commission by evangelizing the lost and feeding the hungry in their homeland of India. 

India has always had more than its share of homeless and hungry people but in this pandemic which is still taking lives, the number of people needing support has increased dramatically.   Much prayer is needed for India during these difficult times.

Below are photos of an assistant to Rev. Cornelius appropriately named “Moses” and his wife, Mary, as they share tracts and the Gospel with people of one village.  In the process, 23 people accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. 

Brother Moses has asked for a bicycle so he can reach out more effectively.  A new bicycle costs about $90 which is not extremely high by our standards but completely out of the question for the pastors who are barely able to provide for their families.  Please consider giving an offering towards a bicycle for a pastor.

Below are photos of Rev. Moses and his wife, Mary, as they evangelize and then baptize new converts.