C.M.M. School of the Bible Graduation Services – March 2020

Each year for the past several years Covenant Messenger School of the Bible has participated in graduation services hosted by various churches in Ghana and Nigeria.  So far this year there have been three services.   One in February and two in March, with more yet to come.    The host churches for the three services this year were the Praise Chapel of Zenu,  the Almighty Chapel Int’l./Victorious Bible College, of Kade,  and the Glorious Church in Damfa.

In the past, Dr. Jerry Smith and his wife, Rev. Paula Smith, have been guest speakers at each graduation.  This year was an exception due to the illness of Sister Paula which came at the point of time they were to depart for Ghana.  They were sorely missed however, she is doing fine now and they are both looking forward to next year’s visit.  

All three services this year were attended by the C.M.M. Director, Joseph Boachie Danquah, and Rev. John Harrison, and Rev. Stephen Nartey, all of C.M.M.  There was a total of 112 graduating and 62 ordinations. 

Below are photos of the graduations with more information on each one.  


February 29 – The Kade Graduation – 20 Graduates- Almighty Chapel Int’l. & Victorious Bible College, Kade, led by Bishop Isaac Abukari.  

Bishop Abukari and his wife.
Guest speakers (Left) Rev. John Harrison and Joseph Boachie Danquah
Bishop Abukari addressing the congregation







A large crowd of visitors attended
CMM Director Boachie speaking with Rev. Harrison translating



The Kade Graduates of 2020 with speakers


March 4, 2020 – The Zenu Graduation – Praise Chapel of Zenu – led by Rev. John Boadu Ababio – 3 Graduates, also Ordained.

Rev. Stephen Nartey of C.M.M. was guest speaker
Rev. Nartey ordaining a graduate
The three graduates who are to be ordained
The congregation
Singing praises










Rev. Stephen Nartey ordaining a graduate
Rev. John Harrison addressing the graduates
The Zenu Graduates of 2020


The Danfa Graduation – March 7, 2020 – Led by Rev. Philip Osei, Snr. – 21 Graduates & 11 Ordinations 

The graduates
A time of prayer






Praise and worship
The guest speakers






Rev. Stephen Nartey ordaining a graduate


Presentation of diplomas
The Danfa Graduates of 2020
Ordination service


The MOGPA Graduation – March 14 2020 – Led by Rev. Osei Bonsu – 68 Graduates & 48 Ordinations

CMM Director Boachie shaking hands with a graduate
Hosting Pastor Rev. Osei Bonsu with graduates
Rev. Bonsu praying over graduates
Graduates entering the sanctuary
Graduates are followed by Rev. Bosnu and guest speakers


The MOGPA Graduating Class of 2020