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Bible College Photos – Nov 28, 2017


PROGRESS REPORT 27 – 11 – 17



Calvary Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

This is to update you on the activities of the COVENANT MESSENGER MINISTRIES BIBLE COLLEGE at MONOME – AKATSI, in the Volta Region of Ghana.

The school was previously held in the auditorium of our church, Christ Living Word Chapel in Accra, before it was transferred to the Branch Church in Monome -Akatsi.

The first Graduation Ceremony was held in the Church’s premises by the Regional Director, Bro. Joseph Boachie Danquah in Accra in the year 2004, due to the limited number of students who completed their courses yearly, we always join the main body of graduating students at the Regional office in Accra, for the graduation ceremonies.
The first batch of students who completed the schools program in Akatsi-Monome, were four in number and were amongst the graduation who participated in the graduation ceremony held on July 2012 in Accra. We have since then been sending our graduating students to the Accra Regional Office for Graduation Ceremonies.

We have now got separate rooms for the Bible School as classrooms and we no longer use the church Auditorium, since we are laying emphasis on the fact that, the CMM Bible College program is Non-Denominational, and it is open to all irrespective of any church or grouping which you may belong to.

Currently eight students have completed their Diploma Studies, and are waiting for the next graduation ceremony which will soon be held in Accra.

Many people are now becoming more aware of the teachings and the benefits of the CMM – ISOM PROGRAM, and we believe there will be a fast multiplication of students very soon. Our warmest greetings to every member of the family of Covenant Messenger Ministries.

Photos attached.

Yours – in Christ,
Rev. & Rev. Mrs. Dezire Dotse

Students ready for graduation
Bible Class In Session